My Second Chance

I had every reason not to attend this year's graduation. We already finished our thesis last October, finally had our manuscript bound, finished our clearance and I already had my diploma, TOR and other important documents with me a month or two ago. I could have applied already, could have gone to Manila to pursue my dreams of becoming an IT professional, but I decided to lie low in applying and patiently waited for March 31 although I had every reason not to.

All of those reasons were overpowered with my desire to come up the stage not only for myself but for my parents. It was my way of giving back. It was my way of letting my parents reap what they have sown with blood, sweat and tears, in striving hard to help me get through college. It wasn't all me, it was all for them.

Allow me to put into words and express my gratitude to the people who have been a part of my years in college. 

To my family, Dada, Mum and Ting (and yes, even Tutty included). Thank you for EVERYTHING. Thank you for all the support, acceptance and for making me strong. In my four (and a half) years in college, our family went through the toughest of trials - pain and tears included - but these tests made me stronger and motivated me to do better in school (although there were times it dragged me, too). You were always at the receiving end of my tantrums and mood swings yet you loved me for who I am. I may not be a perfect daughter and sister, I may have disobeyed you, tampered the trust you have given me, I may have even hurt you beyond my knowledge. But you stood by me in my best and worst times. Ours is not a perfect family. We're not even rich, but I trust God's plan for us to be a family and that itself assures me that I am in a family where I am best suited to belong.

To Bhe and the Redillas family, thank you for all the trust and patience you have given me. As I have said in my previous post, I owe you my college education. Not everyone knows how much part you have in my college life. Sorry I wasn't able to graduate on time. But I think what's important is that I still did. In time, I will be able to give back all the help you have given me for the past years.

To the Ibon family, for the spiritual guidance and the moral support. Pastor Jun, for always looking out for me and praying for me, for entrusting me with duties and responsibilities and allowing me to be a blessing in the church in ways that are in line with my course. Tita Tess, for inspiring me to pursue my passion for music even in the most hectic of classes, for your incomparable and unconditional patience in teaching all of us. You are one of the godly women I admire for your humility and love for the Lord. Kiel, Bie and Bok, for always brightening my Sunday mornings with your lovely smiles and always giving me a fun time during Sunday School and practice time.

To my GGBC family, Pastor Joseph, Kuya Angel, Maan, Aira, Ate Lilia, Ate Tonet, Ate Kat, Aaron, Anton, Lea, Ate Dina, Ate Beth, Kuya Teddy, Ate Janet, Kuya Nido, Janrie, Kuya Glen, Ate Joy, Ate Lyn, Angela, Jem, Jomel, Ate Ems, Ate Lala, Ate Amy, Ate Aida, Ate Grace, Merari, and Joben, thank you for finding time to pray for me and my family. In the span of my college years, three dear brothers and sisters in Christ have already been united with our Lord yet they still contributed to my years in college: Kuya Tony, Ate Melody and Ate Pina. Thank you for the warm smiles every Sunday and for always noticing whenever I do something for the Lord. Thank you for the moral and spiritual support you have given me since day one. My Junior Sunday School Class students, Jillanne, Angela, Regine and my Beginners Sunday School Class Students, Mico, Bok, Jerico, Girlyn, Cristine Joy, Oliver and Carl, thank you for listening to me when I teach Bible stories, for singing your hearts out, for the cutest laughters during playtime, and for always thanking me whenever I give out prizes as rewards for winning games or reciting memory verses. Thank you for letting me feel how happy you are whenever it's my turn to teach you guys during Sunday School. You don't know how teaching you kids helped me a lot especially during the times I was downtrodden with problems. You may not know it but you teach me every Sunday to have a heart so genuine for the Lord as a child has. 

To Big-O, who never failed to pray for me even after I graduated in highschool and never failed to remember even when he was in Rome. Thank you for taking time to send me letters and postcards. Thank you for being the big brother I never had. Thank you for all the wise advice and for taking time to always check up on my well-being as a student and as a person. I may not always get to text you or talk to you anymore but know that your part in my college life is highly appreciated up until now.

To my highschool girlfriends, Kayesha, Therese and Mirze, thank you for the gift of friendship that has defied time and distance. There may have been years of absence we have failed to utilize to catch up with each other but I love you girls so much, you know that. We may have never been complete after highschool graduation, but I trust that one of these days, we will find time to sit around at a cafe and talk about more mature stuff this time. See you soon girls. Let's get together, the four of us, some time. x 

To my highschool close friends who still became a part of my college life, Bea, for the heart to heart talks and always making me laugh. I love the fact that our colleges are neighbors and how we talk . Laisa, for being the best hugot partner I can ever find. We may never be always updated but I trust that there's just more to our friendship than constant conversations. Barbs, for being there for me throughout college. I know we have had our own indifferences, but thank you for being someone I can rely on, someone who always looks out for me.

To my Christian friends, Geline, Lael, Hannahbebs, Jemimah, Vince and others both in Manila and here in Bicol. Kuya Ronald, for the constant encouragement and prayers; Kuya Kakak, for the most mind-boggling questions in the wee hours of the morning and for praying with me; Dabs, for the constant prayers; Ate Nikki, for taking time to pray for me despite your very busy schedule, I haven't told you yet how blessed I was you were our group devotion leader during that 2011 camp and I am so thankful that we haven't lost contact since; and Albert, who has been so much of a prayer warrior for me especially during our ordeal with our thesis, for your corny punchlines in the most unexpected times, for the encouragement, for always believing in me and for always checking up on me. 

To my blockmates, BSIT 1-4A, thank you for everything. I know I have a lot of shortcomings yet you still showed me how much you believed in me as a leader. You witnessed my mood swings in our first two years, I may have scolded a few of you during our SADxDBMS project, may have had pissed off a few, but I want you to know that I will remember you all. We have taken different paths, a lot of us have jobs now and I will follow you guys soon. But know that despite the busy, working, grown-up skeds, a huge part of me owes you a lot. Soon we'll be reunited and we'll have better stories to tell. Cheers to the working class! x

To my CircUITS AY 2011-2012 family, Pete, Marivic, Ronel, Myles, Pat, Maica, Van, Carmz, thank you for one awesome year with you guys. We had a lot of issues in and out of the organization but I'm glad we parted ways happily. I will never forget that awesome afternoon with you guys in Albay Wildlife Park. We may not have been complete that time, but I felt closure. We're all graduates now, and if there's one thing I hope for each of us is that we be able to apply what we have learned as IT students and as CircUITS officers.

To my Buklod, BU UNESCO family and my BUCS CSC family, JC Sta. Ana, JC Yee, Reygel, Edric, Erwin, Tat, Cai, Van, Eugene, Justin, Mumaii, Dick, Darlene, Joco Sophia, Xyra, Tiray, Katya, Jaesam, Donna, Mellie, Bolen, Lester, and most of all Jervie and Mhelj, etc. (hello guys, please don't make tampo if I wasn't able to mention you, there's just too many!!! Basta, as long as you're a part of the three mentioned B groups, you're included here!!!) grabe, you guys changed my life! I am so glad that on my last official year in college, I chose the right decision by being active (although to some, it may have been otherwise). Thank you for believing in me, for always seeing out the best in me, for boosting my confidence and for calling me beautiful. Thank you for letting me be your Ate and the Mother of the party. Thank you for always consulting me regarding your speeches, essays and formal letters, and for putting up with me being a Grammar Nazi. Thank you for letting me help every now and then although I am not enrolled anymore. Continue the legacy, guys and girls! Aim for the extraordinary!

To Kuya Jaime Guerrero, I know you insisted on my birthday that I call you Kuya, but I still keep calling you Sir out of the high respect I have for you! You know how much impact you have made in my last year in college, and I am blessed that I am one of only a few people to experience the friendship you have to offer. Thank you for always believing in my skills and my abilities and for being a great encouragement. Thank you for introducing me to different advocacies, for opening my eyes to different issues. You truly are a life mentor.

To all our Professors in and out of the College of Science: Sir Naz, Mam Lany, Sir BB, Mam Jen, Sir Sy, Mam Vibar, Sir Jaggy, Sir Penetrante, Sir Paje. I believe you taught us well in the different subjects and fields you offered us. Thank you for teaching us lessons in and out of the industry and the classroom as well. Special mention to Mam Lea, who is now a proud mother of a cute baby boy, Madam, thank you for the wonderful time during the 2012 Y4IT. I really enjoyed being roommates with you and the mere fact that we had a lot of similarities (especially about overpacking), for such a short period of time, I am so glad I was given the chance to know you and converse with you. Sir Morata, your wonderful stories about real life experiences during our Philippine History subject and insights during our Philosophy of Man subject contributed a lot to my way of thinking, especially about the government. Thank you for trusting me with raising the time check paper everytime class was almost up. Most of all to Sir RR, who offered the wisest of advices, both solicited and unsolicited, and for being the best adviser of CircUITS the org could ever ask for. Thank you for believing in us (Pete and I) since we started in CS, and for continuing to look out for us even with our careers. 

To my BUCS OJT family, Pete, Johan, Ron, Bon, Che and Sean, I LOVE TO BE WITH YOU GUYS! I miss our OJT days, the "enchanted chair" and our chikka moments during OJT hours. We may have been different people, but I'm glad our OJT paved the way for us to click despite our differences. Let's catch up some time soon! Maybe over pizza and shakes again?

To my Y4ITkada, Chups, Genaro, Barbs and Pete, utang na loob lang please, let's go to Fort Santiago and this time dapat makapasok na tayo!!! Our unexpected group adventures are what made my Y4IT experience unforgettable. I miss us as a complete group. Barbs, Pete, Chups, Nar and I are on our way to Manila. Kami na lang kasi ang unemployed, nakakahiya naman sa inyong tatlo! Lol.

To Paqx, my closest college girl friend. I have no plans of misplacing the yellow ribbon you gave me during our kick-off party last year. Thank you for being my number 1, my number 1 support system, my "venting machine", my adviser, my partner-in-crime, my shock absorber, my tear-drencher, for being you. It still amazes me how we were never blockmates and yet our friendship endured the whole of college, unlike others who drifted apart.  I miss you to bits. Let's catch up with each other soon (and I hope this soon is soon enough).

To Pete, for being a good friend to me for eight years, for sticking with me since highschool. Your part in my highschool and college life is immeasurable. Thank you for introducing Buklod to me and for encouraging me when I feel down. Thank you for always listening and for letting me be myself always, for lifting my spirits up whenever people try to trample on it. Thank you for being one of the best thesismates ever. Grabe, the list just goes on. I can't thank you enough for being one of the best guy friends a girl could ever ask for.

To all those who uttered wretched words behind my back, thank you. I am thanking you for always alloting time in trying to bring me down. I must be that special. Thank you for encouraging me to be better and to prove to you that your judgmental eyes and your faultfinding minds will never understand me. You will always know my name, yet you will never understand my story. You can say all the worst things you want, fabricate the most despicable issues, but that won't change the person I know I am. Sit back, relax, and watch me. I'm out to prove you all wrong.

To all those who silently and loudly supported me even though I have not known you personally, thank you. Thank you for my avid blog readers, for painstakingly reading through all my lenghty posts and for finding sense in it. Thank you to all those who see something good in me even though I'm not perfect. The simplest compliments and the minutest gestures meant and still means a lot to me.

Most of all, to my Loving and Forgiving, Most Gracious Father in Heaven. *sigh* I don't even know how I can ever thank You enough for all the grace and love you showered me with even though I wasn't faithful all the time. Thank you for always reminding me that I can do everything because you continue to strengthen me (Philippians 4:13) and for teaching me well what Romans 8:28 actually means during our ordeal with our thesis. Thank You for giving me the countless chances I never deserved. Thank You for the answered prayers and the chastening. This is all You, Father. The credit is not mine to take. I pray for a deeper relationship with You as I continue through life's journey.

There are people I didn't mention who deserve so much more thanksgiving and then there are those who I have failed to mention, but please bear with me. I may have forgotten to include you in this list, but as long as I met you and you've been in my life for the past five years, then I thank you. You may have brought joy or pain, either way, that contributed a lot to my being. I'm glad that I have learned to let go of people who don't really deserve a place in my future, and I'm more than content that I have chosen the best ones to stay.

It took me almost a week after graduation day to finish this post because I had important matters to attend to and I can't really organize my thoughts well. This post is the least I could do for the people who have contributed so much to my life.

I am proud to say that I have learned a lot in college. I may not be the best programmer, not the best analyst, not the best IT student, not the best CSiannot the best BUena, but I gained the best (and worst) experiences and met the best (and worst) people one could possibly ask for. I made a lot of mistakes in the past. Decisions I can never undo, choices I should have taken but was too afraid to. I've learned that our shortcomings should never define us. I've understood what genuine love is. I've proven God's wonderful love and mercy, His infinite grace. I've seen wonderful places with awesome people. I heard the most unfeigned laughter. I wiped the saddest of tears. I laughed. I cried. I succeeded. I tripped. I felt depressed. I felt surprised. All the rollercoaster of emotions, I have experienced during my college years. All the pain proved that it was all real. If there is one prayer I have as of this moment it is for an avenue to apply all that I have learned. To let my professors know that even when it seemed differently, I learned a lot from them. To let my parents experience the things they have never experienced, provide a better life for them. To let myself grow, mature and live the life God has planned for me.

People may judge me for not graduating on time, for being an Octoberian. What can I say? It's better late than never. Just tonight, I realized that I graduated on time - I graduated in God's time. And God's time will always be the best.

10 Lessons Fairytales Teach Us

I've been watching Once Upon A Time  for the past days (one of the many reasons why I haven't updated my blog for the past weeks). I must say, the people behind the storyline of this majestic TV series are so good in making sure all the stories we've grown up with are connected with each other. Due to this amazement I've been feeling since I watched the pilot episode, I came up with 10 lessons I personally learned from reading and watching fairytales (even from before). Lessons which remind us why even in our adulthood and old age, we still love listening to, reading and watching fairytales.
  1. There's no place like home, and no people like family. Most stories involve families - both biological and not. I know not every person in this world has a complete and happy family, but what I love about fairytales is that they emphasize the fact that no matter how bad things have become because of shortcomings and misunderstandings, at the end of the day, your family (or in others' cases, the closest thing to family i.e. friends, people who raised you up, etc.) will always be there and will always accept you no matter how bruised and broken you've been and no matter how long you've been away.
  2. True love is never easy. I, for one, refuse to believe in happily ever afters despite the fact that I love fairytales. I believe love is built on trust and commitment, and that genuine love seeks not its own interests but the betterment of others. Most of the time in fairytales, we see that princesses rush on marrying someone they haven't really known for a long time. But with OUAT, you'll realize how all the fairytale stuff turns out to be just fine when stricken with reality. True love is never easy, yes that's true, but once you have it, it will never be lost and replaced.
  3. Friends play a critical role in one's life. As the cliche of all saying goes, "Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are." Our friends add fun to our lives and next to our parents, they become our support system and conscience when we fail to think straight for ourselves. If you've chosen the right friends, then there is no doubt they will help you in your path to success. However, friends that are poorly chosen may lead us to roads we should never really take at all. We must choose our friends wisely, and make all friendships last.
  4. It teaches us what hope is and how much we should value it. Even in the midst of nerve-wracking, soul-dragging, body-weakening trials, all we have to do is have faith that one day, everything will turn out just fine because God wills for us to be the best out of these struggles. A person without faith is more likely to give up so easily than one who has. 
  5. Do not haste to make decisions while you're mad, and do not promise when you're too happy. This is the common mistake we do. Sometimes we have to remember that words are just mere words unless we put it to action. Promises that are said in bliss tend to turn out broken ones once in pain. And the hasty decisions in anger often lead to regrets in the end. We should learn how to detach our heart and mind from each other especially when making decisions so as to avoid more pain and bitterness in the future. 
  6. Never trust a person too easily. I'm not saying never trust people. What I'm pointing out is never give others your trust so easily. Save yourself from getting hurt (or in other princesses' cases, getting poisoned, falling in a deep sleep, etc.). It's about time you start mastering the art of trusting someone while starting from a clean sheet of paper. I believe we all know that trust is a vital part of any relationship and that without it or with a broken trust, a relationship may be treading its end. It's always better to be cautious in trusting people because it's something that can't be brought back easily once it's broken. Some people can never even bring it back once it's gone.
  7. Take a leap of faith once in a while - you'll never know when it might lead to your happiness. In most stories, it's the trying-to-get-away-from-my-tower/stepmother/stepsister/parents/norms/etc. that makes all the lead characters feel so alive. Although I am not pro-rebellion, sometimes, we all just need to get out of our comfort zones and chase the dreams we so long have been walking towards to reach. Most of the time, we are so afraid to take risks that we end up with extreme remorse once we realize that to have tried and failed is better to not have tried at all. Who knows? The fulfillment, success and/or bliss you've been searching and waiting for is at the end of that risk's road.
  8. We should always be ready for consequences. Rumplestiltskin always reminded people in OUAT that magic comes with a price. I think it's always best to consider what the possible consequences are of our actions and reactions. I think we all know that each of us can never have everything we want. We should always remember that what we sow is what we reap. So if we go on sowing seeds of anger and ill-feelings towards other, then that is what we will reap. If we go on sowing bad acts, then that is what we will reap. I don't believe in karma. What I believe in is that in every action, word, or thought, there has been, is, and will always be a consequence, whether good or bad.
  9. Some of us think we need a hero, when in fact we can be one. Most people, especially girls, always wait for their "prince" or "knight in shining armor" to come and rescue them. But I prefer to be my own than to go on and depend it on other people. Look around, even in the simplest ways, I believe everyone can be a hero to anyone. We all just need to be brave in standing firm on what is right and what others need.
  10. No matter how bad the situation is, good always wins. Oh, this is the best part. I cannot think of the best way to explain this but to change one word: No matter how bad the situation is, God always wins. God is the source of everything good, and we always need to remember that God allows us setbacks because He prepares us for major comebacks. It may not be so evident with all the evil news and bad people who continue to roam around this world. I know this may be hard to believe in a world filled with violence, sin and treachery, but having faith and a deep relationship with Him allows us to be strong amidst everything that the world may dart at us.
Each fairytale grants us with different sets of lessons but they always give us something to ponder on. There may be no magic in this life, but I believe, with the right amount of faith, hope in love, we will all go on living a life we would gladly turn each page should it be published as a story.

Care to share some important lessons these wonderful stories have taught you? Feel free to share them with me! x

(Note: Photo not mine. Found it here.)

On being a Grammar Nazi and not falling prey to one

I admit I am a Grammar Nazi. You can blame my intensive campus journalism training for this and the mere fact that I grew up with an exuberant desire for reading. It has its perks and disadvantages but most of the time I dwell on the former. For those who do not know what it means, a grammar nazi is a common term used on the internet and on social websites for an individual noticing a grammatical or spelling mistake and correcting it consistently (definition not mine; I copied it here). Well, I think what sets me aside from extreme grammar nazis is that I don't always go commenting on other people's posts to correct them, unless I'm in the mood to troll around, and unless of course you're my friend and we're really close.

Recently, I found a post on ThoughtCatalog and I decided to write about my own take on this. These are all based from personal experiences. And if you've admitted it to yourself already, I'm pretty sure you will be able to relate to most of these.
  1. You mentally correct other people's grammar when talking, while reading and in social media posts (especially when you know them, even if you don't). It's just an automatic thing. You add s to words that need an s, you correct the tenses they used or the spelling of the word. Name the error, you can correct it.
  2. A switch is automatically flicked and you snap whenever someone is talking and he/she murders a word or sentence. Let me cite an example. Friend #1 was talking to me but I was unaware of that because I was talking to Friend #2. So Friend #1 was so witty that he came up with a way to get my attention. While I was still conversing with Friend #2, Friend #1 started talking in English and made an error on purpose, which resulted to my head automatically turning to his direction and immediately blurting out the correct term for what he just said. Well, for me, it's a bit funny because he already knows my weakness and what he could do to get my attention. In this situation at least, it was done on purpose. But I have had a lot of experiences before when it wasn't.
  3. You copy read articles or any written medium while reading it. I am very guilty of this. I know nobody's perfect. But sometimes I feel a hint of dismay whenever I read news blogs or articles that have a lot of errors. You might probably say that I am overreacting, but you see, I've been intensively trained, as I've mentioned, and it is a MUST to copyread articles over and over again before submitting it to the printing press. But now, when everything can be posted and uploaded with just one click, I think that rule which used to be a MUST has been forgotten.
  4. You've tweeted or posted something related to emphasizing the difference between your and you're,  they're, there and their, etc. at one point... or even more than once. I know it's not my duty to go on and tell people, but I think it's just right to remind them sometimes. At least when you post about it, other people can read it. Well if they don't do something about it, then there's just something really off.
  5. The moment you finish writing something, you tend to go over it twice, thrice, or even a couple more times just to make sure there are no errors. If you are a public grammar nazi, you can't actually get away from the judgmental eyes of people who might be waiting for you to commit your biggest grammar mistake. So there is this sense of compulsiveness to not commit a mistake on any of your posts (especially if you are maintaining a blog like what I'm doing).
These are just five basic concepts but I know you could relate (if you're a grammar nazi). If you're not, you might have probably been annoyed by one or more in the past. I know, nobody's perfect and that everyone can commit mistakes unintentionally. Typos are understandable, but if you commit the same mistake over and over again without learning from it, there must be something wrong. Remember, even the minutest habits and traits we have say something about us. And if you don't care so much about your grammar, yet you go on being preoccupied with things that don't actually matter, then that means wrong priorities. So if I were you, know the differences among basic words you usually use (you're and your; there, they're and their; its and it's; we're and were etc.). I assure you, it's for your own good. ;)

It's official:!

I've been literally scouring the internet for domain hosting sites that do not only offer cheap prices, but payment methods that are not only confined to credit cards and Paypal. Just last month, I found a site through Facebook which seemed like an answered prayer to my almost half-a-year search to finally get myself a domain for my blog -

From their Company Profile, is a brand name under the GMO Cloud Pte. Ltd. company based in Singapore. They aim to bring quality online services to Filipinos from domain registration to reliable web hosting. Their domains include .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .ph,,,, .me, .mobi and .asia. Regular domain price ranges from 500 above but as of now, they have an ongoing campaign until the 27th of February, so they offer 50% off on their .com and .net domains! Isn't it amazing? As for the payment method, they offer both online and offline payments. This was one big factor why I chose to sign up my domain in because people who would like to purchase their own domain names and yet don't have Paypal accounts or credit cards could still go on with their registration! Aside from the affordable domain, the quality of service and the payment method, I really opted to sign up with them because of the mere fact that this is managed by Filipinos, so yeah, Pinoy pride! x

I'm pretty impressed by the fast service. It's been a week since I officially  put up the domain. I ordered it online last February 8, paid it through Metrobank (I paid another Php 50 for the processing of the payment) on February 10, and finally set it up with my Blogger account just last February 11. I got my domain for Php 250. Yes, Php 250! And it's already valid for a year! Isn't it so affordable and worth the money? Plus, it is really easy to set up (my basis for this statement is the way I set it up through Blogger). For all those who are wondering how, you could look at it here and just in case you're not that technical, I would be more than willing to help. Although I don't get any benefit from referring this domain hosting site, I keep on telling other people about it, and just recently, I helped out my sister to set up her own domain which she also purchased from

I finally crossed out something from my bucketlist and at the same time stumble upon a company that I could really trust when it comes to domain registration. So what are you waiting for? If I were you, buy your own domain now while they are having their Love Month Sale! x

Starting Over Again

I really don't know how to start with this blog post because I haven't actually organized my thoughts and my sentiments on this movie. Although I'm not really a fan of student-teacher intimate relationships, and I really couldn't relate to the first few scenes of the movie because I don't have any experience of crushing on a teacher/professor, I did feel kilig vibes immediately. Star Cinema used that "I LOVE YOU PIOLO!" which Toni Gonzaga was famously known for before she became a TV host and actress and turned it into "I LOVE YOU SIR MARCO!" which was really apt for the film.

I think this is the most mature role to date that Toni has been given. There's just something about her and the way she delivers her lines that make it seem so natural, without a hint of any pretensions at all. Plus, I love how she throws funny lines which prompted the audience to laugh every now and then. Add to the fact that Piolo Pascual is really one of the best actors this generation has witnessed. Iza Calzado's role here might be considered pretty boring by a few, but I think she portrayed her role well being the calm, seeing-the-goodness-in-everyone-is-my-thing kind of person. Beauty Gonzales' acting was lacking in a way for me, while Cai Mortiz' role was something I really admired in the movie. And the music score, I might say, is well planned out. It helped in letting the audience feel what the characters were feeling in every scene.

I did expect a lot from the movie. Well, basing from the trailer, especially that "I deserve an explanation" part, I thought I would shed a few tears, but I didn't. But that doesn't mean the movie wasn't great though. Beb's role here, the friend of Ginny, is a role every group of friend has. The realistic, hey-you-should-wake-up-from-all-this-insanity kind of friend who insists that Ginny should give up all hopes in reuniting with Marco because he already has a girlfriend. What I loved about this movie is its realistic approach on two past lovers crossing paths again. I know, most of us are hopeless romantics that we can't help but romanticize things and hypothesize reasons on why things happen, on why two past lovers meet again, on why we undergo the kind of pain twice - in losing a loved one and realizing that the second chance was not for re-commitment. But the ending of this movie is far from the usual "they lived happily ever after" but is, surprisingly, still a happy ending.

I can say that I was able to relate to all three main of the characters. I have this Ginny side of me who endlessly hopes for an exciting romance. The term coined "hopia", on my own understanding, is still hoping that a specific someone still feels something about you and that you have high hopes that you will be given a second chance to make things right with that person, is one thing that I really was able to relate to. I have big dreams and aspirations as well and motivated to achieve it all in time. As for Marco's side, I was able to relate to the feeling he had when he thought he was already okay, that he has already moved on so he thought it was okay to see Ginny again. But he realized, all his efforts to forget all the pain and move on went down the drain because he was reminded of all the love, joy and pain he and Ginny shared before they drifted apart. Others may call it martyrdom, but I can relate well to Patty's genuine love for Marco. She overlooks all his mistakes - past and present - and assures him that her love for him is greater than whatever flaws and failures he has, secured upon the foundation of their friendship before they became lovers.

And as my usual movie post goes, here are quotes from the movie. I have to warn you though there are a few hints that you may consider as spoilers. So don't blame me if you read something in here that might spoil everything. 

Sir, kasi, ayokong mabulok 'to katulad ng sulat ni Rizal dahil naniniwala akong kung may gusto kang sabihan, dapat sabihin mo na! - Ginny

Happy Valentine's Day, Sir. Next year, happy anniversary na 'yan ha? - Ginny

Mag-aapat na taon na kitang mahal, Sir, first day palang ng History Class ko sa iyo. Sana balang araw marealize mo I also deserve this kind of love. - Ginny

Well, Sir Marco, if you insist, how can I resist? - Ginny

Marco: Eto ang paborito kong parte ng sulat mo, "Sabi nga nila 'di ba, give love on Christmas Day. So give me love, Sir. Pero kung wala talaga, just tell me, how do I unlove you?
Ginny: Sir, pwede kung babastedin mo ako, 'wag muna ngayon? Kasi pangalawang rejection ko na eh. Masyado ng masakit.

Marco: I don't want you to unlove me, Ms. Gonzales.
Ginny: Ha?
Marco: Because I love you.
Ginny: You love me?
Marco: Mm-hmm.
Ginny: Dyowa na kita?
Marco: Mm-hmm.
Ginny: Dyowa mo na ako?
Marco: Yes.

Beb's Hubby: So emotional lang siya nung sinulat niya 'to noon?
Beb: Tama, noon. Yun ang operative word. Noon pa 'to kaya tapos na ang kwento.
Wela: Pa'no naman kapag to be continued 'yang love story na 'yan
Beb: Stop romanticizing things, Wela, ah. Hindi ito teleserye.

Nasa isang building lang kami! Isang hangin lang hinihinga namin! - Ginny

Bakit nga ba? Bakit nga ba? Kasi... ang tanga-tanga mo! Ang tanga-tanga mo! Girlfriend ka na, pinakawalan mo pa! Apat na taon wala ka man lang ginawa. Hindi mo sinulatan, hindi mo man lang tinawagan. Puro ka pride, pride, pride. Ang yabang mo kasi. Akala mo kung sinong maganda, puro ka naman panga! Pride pa rin yun! Yun na rin yun! Tanga, tanga, tanga! Ang pangit mo kasi, naunahan ka na, may iba na, may iba na! Pagod na akong umiyak. Tama si Beb, kailangan ko na magmove on. - Ginny

Beb: Ginny, what you don't know won't hurt you.
Ginny: Pride lang 'yan, Beb. Saka ayokong matulad sa mga magulang kong pinalagpas ang pagkakataon dahil lang sa pride.

Ginny: Kung talagang mahal mo 'ko, dapat sinundan mo 'ko.
Marco: Kung talagang mahal mo 'ko, dapat 'di mo ako iniwan.
Ginny: And I regret that everyday.
Marco: Are you flirting with me?
Ginny: Do you want me to?
Marco: I have a girlfriend.

Marco, kung mamamatay man tayo ngayon, pwedeng sagutin mo yung tanong ko, please? Totoo pa ba yung nasa e-mail? Do we still have a second chance? Naniniwala ka rin bang our love story deserves a better ending? - Ginny

Ginny: Bakit nga? Sabihin mo sa akin bakit di mo nagustuhan. I deserve an explanation!
Marco: Anong sinabi mo?
Ginny: I need an acceptable reason.
Marco: Bakit?
Ginny: Dahil trinabaho ko yun. Pinaghirapan ko yun. I invested my time and my effort.
Marco: Kaya kailangan mong malaman kung anong mali?
Ginny: Oo! Dahil kung may problema, gagawan ko ng paraan!
Marco: Dahil hindi lang oras at pagod mo ang pinuhunan mo, 'di ba? Pati puso at kaluluwa mo, 'di ba? Dahil ginawa mo yun para sa isang taong iniisip mo na may tiwala at paniniwala sa'yo, 'di ba? Na kung magkakamali ka man, iniisip mo na bibigyan ka niya ng pagkakataon na itama yun, kasi pinaniwala ka niya na mahal ka niya, na mahalaga ka sa kanya, na iisa ang pangarap niyo, na pareho kayo ng tinatanaw na buhay, 'di ba? Kailangan mong malaman kung bakit isang umaga paggising mo biglang nagbago ang lahat? Bakit wala na siya? Bakit mag-isa ka na lang? Kailangan mo ng dahilan, 'di ba? Kailangan mo ng mapanghahawakan. Kung bakit kailangan mong tiisin na magmukhang tanga, na magmukha kang tae sa paningin ng ibang tao, sa paningin mo sa sarili mo. Kasi hindi mo alam kung paano eh, hindi mo alam kung kailan, hindi mo alam kung ano nangyari, kung ano ang mali sa'yo, kung bakit ka niya iniwan. 
Ginny: Marco... 
Marco: Anong karapatan mong hingiin ang isang bagay na ipinagdamot mong ibigay?
Ginny: Marco... Marco...
Marco: I deserve an explanation! I deserve an acceptable reason!
Ginny: Marco, I'm sorry. 
Marco: O bakit? Ba't 'di mo sinabi sa akin ang totoo?
Ginny: Natakot kasi ako.
Marco: Huh, and you expect me to believe that? Sa tapang mong 'yan?
Ginny: Hindi kita gustong saktan, Marco.
Marco: I almost died. And everyday, I wish I did! Tell me!
Ginny: I was beginning to see my father in you. Talunan, mababa ang pangarap. Marco, pa'no ko sasabihin sa'yo yun? Na unti-unti ng nawawala yung paghanga ko sa'yo, yung respeto ko. Natakot akong maging katulad tayo ng Nanay at Tatay ko. 
Marco: Kahit masakit, dapat sinabi mo. Alam mo kung ano ang namatay sa akin, Ginny? Trust. Hindi ko na kayang magtiwala sa'yo.

Beb: Kaibigan kita, and I refuse to watch you kill yourself.
Ginny: Beb, intindihin mo naman.
Beb: Ikaw ang hindi makaintindi. Nandiyan si Patty dahil sa'yo. Dahil nung iniwan mo si Marco, binigyan mo siya ng karapatan na magmahal ng iba.

Ginny: Sabi ko, Ginny, edukado ka naman. May master's degree ka nga sa Barcelona. Hindi ka pinag-aral ng mga magulang mo para magpakatanga sa isang lalaki. Alam ko naman lahat ng sinasabi ni Beb. Alam ko naman yung tama. Pero bakit ganun? Kapag kaharap ko na siya, hindi ko magawa. 
Wela: Alam mo kung bakit? Kasi umaasa ka pa. Yung hope na 'yan, lason 'yan. Parang drugs, nakakaadik. 
Ginny: 'Pag wala kasi nun, Wela, sobrang sakit. Bakit ang sakit?
Wela: Tiisin mo! Tanggapin mo hanggang makaya mo't mawala na.

Hay nako, Mare. Adik ka na naman sa pag-asa. Try mo kayang lumaklak ng realidad. - Wela

Ginny: Marco, there are three words I've been wanting to say to you for five years now. I am sorry dahil hindi ko kinayang sabihin sa'yo yung totoo. I'm sorry dahil iniwan kita. I'm sorry dahil nasaktan kita. I'm sorry dahil natakot ako. I'm sorry for giving up on us.
Marco: Sorry din. Kasi hindi ko nakita ang mga takot mo saka mga pangangailangan mo.
Ginny: Marco, what if ready na ako sa buhay na gusto mo? Ready na ako, Marco. Ready na ako for you.

You know, some people say that it's the saddest season. But for me, I think it's nature of teaching us to let go of old things so that we can bring life to something new, that's why it's my favorite season. And Marco, Marco is my autumn. - Patty

Ginny: Patty, how sure are you that Marco wants to be with you?
Patty: I'm sorry, Ginny, what did you say? Ginny?
Ginny: Hindi kasi, 'di ba, sabi mo sa baking, dapat committed ka. Dapat sigurado ka susunod na step na gagawin mo. Gaano ka kasigurado kay Marco? I don't mean to offend you. Ah, I hope you don't mind. I'm just being realistic here. In fact if you think about it, I may be helping the two of you kung hindi pa naman talaga kayo sigurado sa isa't-isa.
Patty: Are you okay Ginny?
Ginny: You need to face the truth, Patty. Logic lang. If there's the slightest ounce of doubt you, 'di ba dapat pakawalan mo na siya? Hayaan mong makasama niya yung babaeng mahal niya at gusto niya. Just think, Patty. If you end it now, it can actually save the both of you from having a miserable future.
Patty: Are you sugge- 
Ginny: Stop it, Patty. Don't patronize me. Stop being nice. We both know we can't be nice to each other.
Patty: And why is that?
Ginny: Because I am his ex! I am the love of his life! I am his past. I own a big part of him na hinding-hindi mo makukuha.

Ginny: Patty, I loved him first!
Patty: And you let go of your chance.
Ginny: Pero mahal ko pa rin siya. At mahal pa rin niya ako. So please, Patty. Just let him go. Just set him free. Please.

Patty: Okay. So, how sure are you na ikaw ang mas mahal niya?
Ginny: Because I saw it in his eyes. I felt it when he touched me, when he held me...
Patty: Do you mean- 
Ginny: Yes, Patty, more than what you think I mean.
Patty: Ang lungkot-lungkot siguro talaga ng buhay mo. You know, Ginny, Marco and I, we don't have that big, romantic kind of live story. In fact, ours began in the most unexciting way - as friends. Now, our love may be quiet and boring, but it's sure, with the right amount of respect and trust and even an allowance for mistakes. I love him, Ginny. And in love, there is no fear. Sana isang araw makahanap ka rin ng ganung klase ng pagmamahal.

My love is greater than your failures, Marco. Pero 'wag mo naman akong paglaruan. Be fair. - Patty

Kung ako, ako. Kung siya, siya. But you have to make a choice. - Patty

Babastedin mo ba 'ko? Quota na ako sa lifetime na 'to. - Ginny

I was willing to wait, Ginny... Kaya lang napagod ako. Napagod ang puso kong maghintay, magtanong, magalit. - Marco

Sana masabi ko sa'yo na tayo pa rin. Na walang nagbago. Pero hindi na tayo 'yang mga 'yan, Ginny. - Marco

Marco: Kaya ngayon naiintindihan ko na kung bakit kailangan nating magkita. Kung bakit kailangang mangyari ang lahat ng ito sa atin.
Ginny: Closure?
Marco: Para maging buo tayo uli. Para mabigay natin sa taong mahal at mamahalin natin yung pagmamahal na nararapat-dapat sa kanila, 'di ba?

Marco: Paano ko hindi mapapatawad ang isang taong nagtulak sa akin to become a better version of myself?
Ginny: O, ako naman ang tulungan mo. Sabihin mo sa akin, how do I unlove you?
Marco: I don't know. Honestly, hindi ko alam. Kasi para sa akin, I can never unlove you, Ginny. I just love you in a different way now.

Ben: Ito na siguro ang pinakamagandang regalong naibigay sa'yo ni Marco.
Ginny: Ending?
Ben: Ang tsansang makapagsimula ng wala ng kahit anong tanong diyan sa puso at isip mo. Hindi lahat nabibigyan niyan.

Ginny: Time?
Ben: Sapat na oras hangga't sa mapatawad mo ang sarili mo.
Ginny: Time to grow up, Tay?
Ben: 'Yan naman ang pinakamagandang regalong maibibigay mo sa sarili mo.

Well there you have it! Oh, and hint: watch out for the ending. You wouldn't want to miss that surprising part. x